Yokomo YD2z Carbon chassis conversion kit


For Yokomo YD2z full Carbon Conversion kit.

This kit needs Yokomo`s Genuine optional parts.

  • The lightweight slide rack sets for YD-2Z (item No Y2-202SZ)


  • -Designed for 1/10th scale YokomoYD2Z or YD2SX3
  • -No drilling or modification of original parts is necessary.
  • -High center of gravity
  • Slide battery tray for setting your suitable vehicle CG (Shorty type battery)
  • -Toray 3k high-quality carbon plating.
  • Chose chassis material, you can setup chassis flexibility
  • The best chassis for a precise oil damper
  • Front Hardpoint for interior detail up
  • Rear Hardpoint for active toe, multilink Suspension, etc.

Construction manual PDF file download

Wheelbase  256mm

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Carbon chassis conversion kit for Yokomo YD2-z  or Yokomo D2SX3
This kit is a carbon conversion kit for Yokomo YD2z or YD2SX3.

If you use withYD2z basic kit, you need Yokomo`s Genuine optional parts.

  • The lightweight slide rack sets for YD-2Z (item No Y2-202SZ)

If you use  YD2 SX3kit, you need Yokomo`s Genuine optional parts.

  • YD2zTransmissioncase (Item No Y2-302Z), Motor mount (ItemNoY2-304Z), etc.

This kit has an ideal box structure that provides high rigidity also use with the high engineering plastic material together, flexibility can easily optimize depending on the traction, tire grips. The adjustability of the chassis’ center of gravity results in a realistic feeling when operating.

This is a “Toray”3K full carbon chassis conversion kit for YokomoYD2Z.

3k means that 3k fabric has 3,000 strands of carbon in each tow.

all of the carbon plate thickness is 2mm,

High rigidity box structure Carbon frame makes great stability for vehicles.

Suspension tuning up is one of the fun for RC drift rides. this chassis will be a great platform for the suspension setting.

Also, you can set up a battery position where you want to put on the CG of the vehicle.




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