Active Suspension Conversion Data kit For Yokomo YD-2 E/S Ver2


Active Suspension Conversion Data(STL) Kit For Yokomo YD-2 E/S series

This is an Active suspension Conversion kit.
you can get the realistic motion for your Yokomo YD-2E/S series chassis.

Data kit 23 Jun 2022 data update 
This is an STL formated DATA kit.   you have to convert to G code for your suitable 3D printer by yourself.

when you purchase the data, the download path will send to you automatically.

This data kit contains both  Yokomo   YD2E and YD2S data.

Construction Manual



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Active Suspension Conversion Kit ForYokomo YD-2 E series chassis STL data kit

Data kit
You have to print out all parts by yourself. The material you should use ABS or ColorFab HT, etc. otherwise the parts don’t have enough rigidity.PLA is not recommended.

Printout difficulty

If you use ABS. enclosure or atmosphere temp control required.

you should change the material for some parts.

  • Main parts>ABS or ColorfabbHT
  • front body mount>TPU
  • servohorn>PETG
  • Gyro/SSunitmount>PLA

This is a suspension Conversion kit.

This kit can use the full potential of the SS unit instantly. (you have to buy SS unit from Superscale2k20) And you can get the realistic motion for your Yokomo YD2E/S series chassis.


  • Come with All of the parts that need to convert, without electronic,  SS unit.
  • Design for Yokomo YD-2 E/S series
  • Active suspension and conventional suspension hybrid.
  • Simple and reliable, easy to swap design
  •  suspension geometry adjustable.

S series main parts

Easy to assemble


Low throw servo horn

This hone has tapered servo shaft connection, so any spline servo can perfect fit for this servo horn. so this servo horn designated material is PETG.

use with Tapered washer like the photo, it will be the best.