FrontSeeSaw stabilizer For all SakuraD5


This is a  Front SEESAW Stabilizer for the sakuraD5 STL data kit.

This product makes more roll when the vehicle turns and more real vehicle reaction.

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This data kit contain 3STL data.

Stabilizerpivot base

Damper cap for damper length extension
it has a vent hole, if you print them and close the hole, make 1mm diameter hole with  drill


Recommend filament material:PETG
infill density:80%<
infill pattern: recommend to Gyroid

Slice sample

what you need without this kit 


is very easy

Pivot base and seesaw ware fixed with suitable M3 screw and some sim. It is very important for moving very smoothly without any play.

Damper Cap

Due to extending the damper length, replace the original cap with a printed one.

use M3*6mm screw, fix the new cap and 4.8π Rodend.I

If the damper cap doesn’t fit your damper, please send me an email( those values in the metric unit, and Damper Brand, Product Name, I will design and send you an STL file via email.