Active Suspension Conversion STL Data kit For MST RMX2.0 Chassis


  • This is a suspension Conversion data(STL Format) kit.
    To printout the data, the material should be PETG or ABS
  • This kit comes with an add on kit. body mount, servo hone optimizes with SS unit, etc.
  • This kit comes with an English install manual.
  • This kit doesn’t include MST chassis, Superscale 2K20 SS unit.

Ver2.1 updated 20 June  2022

The Assembly manual can download here

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Active Suspension Conversion Kit For MST RMX 2.0

This is a suspension Conversion kit. To use the SuperScale2k20 SS Unit, This kit can use the full potential of the SS unit instantly. And you can get the realistic motion for your MST RMX chassis.


  • Active suspension and conventional suspension hybrid.
  • Simple and reliable, easy to swap design
  • Fully compatible original suspension geometry

V2 update

Reinforced Strut Arm


Body Catch(TPU) Body hold bar, Bodymount mag

Body mounts mag is optimized for a 20mm*2 mm neodymium magnet.

Body hold bar and Bodymount mag are connected with an inner Dia4mm*outerDia6mm silicon tube.

servo hone optimized for SS unit

This hone has tapered servo shaft connection, so any spline servo can perfect fit for this servo horn. so this servo horn designated material is PETG.

use with Tapered washer like the photo, it will be the best.


Bodycatch(TPU) and servohorn(PETG)