What is Tokyodo?

We ship the JDM goods you are looking for directly from Japan!

From 1/10 scale products to RHD car parts for real cars, we will consult with you to find the parts and ship them directly from Japan.

Consultation/Research for Free

Feel free to consult with us on Instagram about what you are looking for and under what conditions!

Based on that, we will research, buy, and ship to your home in the US or other countries (shipping rates vary).

Service flow

1, Consultation Research (free)

2, Make a quotation

3, Agreement

4, PAYPAL deposit

5, Packing Shipping

Service Charge

Basically, Settlement is made in US Dollars, and the service price is based on the USD/JPyen exchange rate at that current time.

1, Quotation includes Basic shipping fee.

2,Document for govanment etc > actual expence add to service charge(if it need)

Service Minimum Charges and Fees

If the total price of products /parts is less than $50.00 USD or equal to $50.00 USD we will charge a $50.00 USD fee.

However, If the total value of products /parts is over $50.00 USD we will charge a fee of 25% of the total value of goods.

Volume discount: negotiable.


Optional Insurance

Rapid Shipping

Various documents issued

Feel free to contact us via Instagram DM