1/10 Semi gripped tire/wheel cast


Scale like semi-gripped large diameter/narrow tire and wheelset.

Design :

Audi Quattro Scale Cast 5Stad wheel

1/10 scale car, utility vehicles like a drone car or Camera dolly.


Data kit
This is an STL formated DATA kit.   you have to convert to G code for your suitable 3D printer by yourself.

when you purchase the data, the download path will send you automatically.

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This is a unique size tire for RC drift Cars. It can fit Yokomo, MST, Tamiya  Drift/ Touring car.

Compare with a typical drift tire, very thin and large diameter.

I design this tire for more scale-like for 1/10scale and make more suspension strokes than a Typical drift tire.



Tire hight:67mm
Tire width:15mm


Tire: TPU
Griped force depends on TPU.  This tire has a smaller contact area against the grand, however much more grip than a typical drift tire.

Wheel: PLA.  For outdoor or summer season use, ABS or PETG